Best Trustworthy Companies to Watch 2023

ARGENTA- Best Trustworthy Companies to Watch 2023

Best trustworthy companies to watch


Mission and vision

  • Mission:Argenta aims to offer uncomplicated, transparent, and intimate assistance to families and individuals, guaranteeing their financial well-being
  • Vision:  Argenta aspires to become the premier financial institution for families and individuals seeking sustainable financial guidance, devoid of unnecessary embellishments.

Argenta stays committed to its fundamental principles and foundational beliefs: proximity, resourcefulness, practicality, and simplicity.

As digital work continues to increase, Argenta recognizes the importance of maintaining its branch network to offer customers personalized advice. The company places great emphasis on proximity and personal contact, values that have been integral to its success since its founder, Karel Van Rompuy, championed simplicity as a key principle. Today, simplicity remains a vital component of Argenta’s formula for success, enabling the company to maintain its speed and agility

Start investing

  • Investments have the potential to generate higher returns compared to a savings account. However, it is important to acknowledge the presence of risks. By making wise investment decisions, these risks can be minimized
  • Invest for the long term. Because the longer your investment horizon, the greater the chance of a good return.
  • Spread your investment. It is not advisable to allocate all your funds into a single company in one go. Instead, diversify your investments across various regions and sectors. This strategy enhances the likelihood of achieving favorable returns. Additionally, consider investing at different intervals to gradually distribute your investments over time.Why invest?
  • Your savings become less valuable.
    Inflation causes the value of money to decrease over time, which means that 100 euros today will be worth less in ten years. This is why investing is a smart way to combat inflation, as the interest earned can help offset the effects of inflation and maintain the value of your savings. It’s important to note that simply keeping your money in a savings account may not be enough, as the interest earned may not keep up with inflation.
  • The possible average yield is higher.
    Investing carries inherent risks, as there is no guarantee of recouping your entire investment. However, it also presents the potential for higher returns than anticipated. Typically, investing offers a superior average return compared to saving.
  • You help shape the economy.
    If you have faith in the concept of a sustainable economy, you have the opportunity to make conscious investments in companies that prioritize sustainability.

What do these values ​​mean for Argenta?

  • The four values ​​form the guideline in our daily operations.
  • Our distinctiveness from other bank-insurers lies in our unwavering commitment to prioritizing our values in every aspect of our operations. By doing so, we genuinely create a significant impact for both our esteemed employees and valued customers.
  • What sets us apart from other bank-insurers is our steadfast dedication to upholding our values as the foremost priority in all our endeavors. This unwavering commitment is what truly distinguishes us and enables us to make a tangible difference for both our employees and customers.
  •  3. Our uniqueness as a bank-insurer stems from our unwavering focus on placing our values at the forefront of everything we undertake. It is through this unwavering dedication that we truly make a meaningful difference for both our employees and customers.A genuine resident of Argentan also serves as a representative of Argenta. They actively advocate for our principles on a daily basis, thereby guaranteeing the sustainable development of Argenta

Company Name:-ARGENTA
Ceo Name:-Peter Devlies

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