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Blue Roc Premier- Top 5 CEO’s in 2023

Blue Roc Premier is a privately held fully integrated Management firin focusing on multi-Family managerment opportunities throughout the State of Florida and The Southeast Through its affiliates. BR Premier and BlueStone Premier. The principals have been operating in the multi Family real estate business for over 25 years. The firm......

Spiff- Top 5 CEO’s in 2023

Spiff- Jeron Paul The top sales compensation tool, Spiff, encourages teams to increase top-line growth by automating commission calculations. Because of its user-friendly interface, instantaneous visibility, and smooth integrations, Spiff is the top option for rapidly expanding companies. The technology gives sales teams insight and connects finance and sales operations......

SwingSearch- TOP 5 CEO’s in 2023

SwingSearch- Jennifer Loftus SwingSearch is skilled in a variety of marketing tasks, including demand creation, communications, integrated marketing, branding, and content marketing. Having held these positions at both large and small businesses, our team of recruiters is well-versed in what to look for and what questions to pose to candidates.......

Dane LLC- Top 5 CEO’s in 2023

DANE LLC- Shumona Ahmed DANE, LLC. was founded in 2001 and offers consulting services and custom software development solutions to various federal agencies, such as the US Army and the Department of State. Our customers rely on us as an 8(a) graduate to provide custom application development and solutions, including......

Flynn- Top 5 CEO in 2023

Every marketing decision we make is based on data, which gives our clients the courage to take risks while maintaining a high degree of predictability and accountability. What was the outcome? Higher ROI. Flynn- Chris Flynn Jerry Flynn founded our agency in 1967, and since then, almost everything has changed......


TOP 10 CONSUMER PRODUCT IN 2024 In the dynamic landscape of consumer products, each year brings forth a wave of innovations, shifts in consumer preferences, and trends that redefine how we live. The world of consumer goods is poised to showcase a myriad of exciting developments that cater to our......

S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office (VFO

What does S.W.A.N VFO do? What is the Vision and Mission of S.W.A.N VFO? S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office (VFO) is Evansville’s first multi-disciplinary firm with a family office experience. The VFO brings together an elite group of specialists on an as-needed basis, who works collaboratively. A virtual family office is able to......

RackTop Systems- Top Most Admired companies to watch 2023

RackTop Systems RackTop Systems has spearheaded a revolutionary strategy in safeguarding Cyberstorage, which is in line with the current era of data-centric cyber-attacks. Developed by experienced professionals from the U.S. Intelligence Community, RackTop’s top-notch BrickStor security solution adopts a groundbreaking Zero Trust framework. This empowers both the public and private......

Moodally -Top Most Admired companies to watch 2023

Moodally  I grew up in the bustling city of New York, where I completed my education at The Dalton School and New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Currently, I am residing in Europe and have been working as a senior advertising executive for the past 17 years. Throughout......

Jeff Heggie Coaching- Top Most Admired companies to watch 2023

Jeff Heggie Coaching Jeff Heggie is a dedicated entrepreneur and success coach who is deeply committed to assisting individuals in realizing their greatest aspirations. His expertise lies in guiding individuals towards becoming high-performing entrepreneurs. Jeff firmly believes that cultivating the right mindset is the fundamental stepping stone towards elevating both......

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