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Congo Capital Management

clean energy consortium_congo capital mangement

Congo Industries uses the financial markets to capture profits from geopolitical and macroeconomics development. Firms use financial markets to mitigate the macroeconomic and political risk that could result in a negative equation. Carbon Credit trading unit is designed to monitor global events, arbitraging crack-spreads, discrepancies: sell-off and buy siderisk in global development markets. Congo Industries (Modeling- Keiretsu System) with our mathematicalfinancial models, generating wealth on 21 different proprietary-revenue streams. Equaling$1,697,628,475,558 Trillion Dollars over 20 years for 200: Solar-Power Plants / Farms. 21 Revenue Stream: 6 Revenue Streams Is not reflective in our overall numbers: $1,697,628,475,558 Trillion Dollars or before IPO listings, of Multivariable revenue streams, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)American Stock (AMEX), Toronto Stock Exchange: (TSX) & London Stock Exchange (LSE).After IPO: $1.69^6 To The 6th Power: Over 20 Years: $23, 298,085,122,5 Trillion Dollars (OR)
$1.69^10 To The 10th Power: Over 20 Years: $190,049,637,749 Trillion Dollars.
We have evolved, broken through – Mathematics, Financial Markets,Energy & Social Economic Policies.

Personal Accomplishments/Goals:

  • Ana is my Oldest Daughter. We adopted her at 4 years old, she has Cerebral Palsy and is in a wheelchair. Ana made our lives’ better and she embodies the meaning of perseverance. She rounds out our family.
  • Ivy League Educated: Harvard University Lived in Europe For 3 years: England-Graduate School: Oxford University Read for Advanced Mathematics & Financial Markets in PhD
    I Created what others only think about…through my corporations /conglomerates.
  • Flying airplanes, fly-fishing in the wilderness:-Building my corporations/conglomerates over the next 20 Years-Bike-riding in Pennsylvania Dutch Country: & Sugar Creek-Ohio, Amish Country
  • Walking in cities in Europe at night
  • Moving headquarters to Virginia & New Jersey/Pennsylvania border


Congo Capital Management, LLC: Most Pioneering Clean Energy Investment Company 2021

*New World Report, Mr. Congo: Monday: November 1st, 2021 Energy Elite Award

The results of the inaugural Energy Elite Awards have been finalized and on behalf of New World Report,
I am delighted to be reaching out to inform you that Congo Capital Management is one of our 2021 victors. I am proud to confirm that Congo Capital Management has been awarded. Our extensive research and judging process is driven by merit meaning that awardees must demonstrate expertise within a given field, dedication to customers service and commitment to excellence and innovation. Research was centered around an in-depth evaluation of skills and services on offer and the wider market reputation of each nominee was also taken into consideration. We feel this two-tiered system allows for a more efficient method when determining individuals and companies most deserving of winning an award and has brought
us much success and commendation throughout its use:

We Beat Elon Musk & Tesla

Best of Wilmington Awards – Congo Capital Management “We are happy to announce that Congo Capital Management has been selected as the Winner for the 2022 Best of Wilmington Awards in the category of Business Services.”*Press Release: Congo Capital Management Receives 2022 Best of Wilmington Award 

Founder & CEO: Dale Congo:
Nominated For MARQUISWho’s Who.2022- Nominated: ~ Acceptance”9460208” Professional: Who’s Who – Over 100 Years Wednesday: April 6TH, 2022 *The Best Of Who’s Who ~ Since 1898 *MARQUISProfessional Who’s Who: Berkely Heights, New Jersey 07922 *Welcomed to The Club: Monday May 9TH, 2022

Our work is cutting edge: I wrote & designed program language: 21 proprietary revenue streams. We will generate $1.69 trillion dollars over 20 years. After listings on multiple stock-exchanges: We will attain $23 trillion dollars or $190 trillion dollars.
Our taxable income $42 billion dollars/overall taxes $19 trillion dollars: 20 Years. We will power the GDP in our country for a quarter of a year by ourselves Congo Capital. Over matching multi-nationals & nationstates. We stress tax, so we can factor into the GDP of The United States, as a
revenue stream to grow our economy. Our international growth will foster economic transformation- growth against these conglomerates, revenue will be explosive on an upward trajectory in The United States global economy. Our revenue & taxable income including
overall taxes.

Congo Energy Index: I designed and wrote the program language for it. Approved by the U.S. Library of Congress. Our Congo Energy Index floats under the established market rates, volatility downturns in economy, withstanding inflation, market risk
pressures through 21-revenue streams being multiple-cross variations of international sectors in our economy and will support the U.S. economy.

I’ve had my Proof of Concept verified by: Mathematicians, Accountants, Economist, Labor-Relation Specialist, Law-Firms, Environmentalist with Ph.D.’s. Facts, Information & Evidence that will hold up. Congo Capital Management, LLC Voted Most Pioneering Clean Energy Investment Company 2021: By- New World Report.

Mr. Congo leads Congo Industries with innovative ideas and is transforming the U.S energy policy by working closely with the highest levels of government from the Executive Branch and the Department of Energy to the U.S. Congress and Senate with a bipartisan coalition. Uniting over 200 members of the U.S. Congress and Senate, the Congressional Black Caucus, and numerous appropriations committees with letters of support from all seventy plus members. Mr. Congo amassed historic political backing to secure our future in renewable energy for our nation’s energy independence and even earned an invitation by The White House to attend the National Green Energy Summit.

Mr. Congo holds dual undergraduate degrees from Harvard University in Economics and Government and has completed advanced graduate work at Oxford University, three years where he read for politics, philosophy and economics and completed courses in financial markets and mathematics. That enabled the development of Congo Industries 21 revenue streams and program language for the Congo Energy Index copy written and accepted by the Library of Congress as well as creating Congo Global structure while maintaining a greater degree of margins and higher quality service. Congo Global Aviation will lease fractional ownership and charter availability to corporations and private individuals.

Mr. Congo is building Congo Industries on political, international, and legal levels. He started developing his business, management skills and connections early on as he created Harvard’s undergraduate school’s Harvard Law Society. He has cultivated relations with Professor Charles Ogletree of Harvard Law School and advisor to President Obama; Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School: former Dean of Harvard Business School, John McArthur; all of whom consulted with Mr. Congo while he built Harvard Law Society three hundred members strong.

Mr. Congo wrote his senior theses with U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy and Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International and U.S. Under Secretary of Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs, Robert D. Hormats. Mr. Congo also participated in the Harvard negotiating Project sponsored by the Kennedy School of Government’s Shorenstein Center on The Press, Politics and Public Policy. Mr. Congo trained as a Trial Lawyer under Professor Charles Ogletree, Harvard Law School. Oxford University debate seminars and Harvard, Kennedy School of Government: Harvard Negotiation Project under Dr. Roger Fisher (book[1]Getting to Yes) he beat so many students that Dr. Fisher set a mock debate and Mr. Congo beat him. Mr. Fisher told him that he had a special gift and to use it wisely.

In 1999, Mr. Congo completed Bear Stearns Equity trading program, finishing first in his class. From 1999-2007, Mr. Congo held various positions with financial advisory firms, where he worked on special projects, special private placement, and structured derivative products.

Other areas of experience with the firm included managing options position balancing, deal origination, underwriting, due diligence, deal structuring, company monitoring and troubleshooting. Mr. Congo has met with the Ministers of Treasury and Finance in Canada and is currently working with privately held companies to develop and execute strategies for liquidity and growth.

Congo Industries financial engineering modeling is based on the Japanese Keirsetsu System. The parent corporation supports the subsidiaries with fifteen revenue streams which in turn supports the parent corporation, if one sector has a down quarter the other sectors will stabilize the down sector, balancing it financially. Congo Industries is modeled after the three largest Japanese corporations and the oldest continuing running company in the world.

Mr. Congo serves as Chairman of the Board for Congo Industries and a board observer with New Jersey Clean Energy Renewable Energy Division and New Jersey Clean Energy Wind Division Digest. Mr. Congo’s leadership developing the complex global operations and interwoven, multi-tiered conglomerate has drawn the highest degree of talent to run his organization with integrity, loyalty, and long-term success. The socio economic engineering creates a greater standard of living for both Congo Industries employees as well as the surrounding communities of its Headquarters and numerous facilities around the world; equality is demanded and is incorporated through policies such as the Lily Ledbetter Act, equal pay for women. One hundred percent coverage on all health, vision and dental benefits is provided to all full-time employees.

Congo Capital Management, LLC&Congo Industries: Our beliefs in the future.

Their work is cutting edge. They will generate $1.69 trillion dollars over 20 years. After listings on multiple stock exchanges, they will attain $23 trillion or $190 trillion. Taxable income 42 billion dollars/overall taxes 19 trillion dollars over 20 years. Congo Capital will be able to power the GDP in the country for a quarter of a year over matching multi-nationals and nation states. They stress tax, so we can factor into the GDP of The United States as a revenue stream to grow our economy. They will outperform Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft Aramco (Saudi Arabian Energy Conglomerate) and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink.

Their international growth will foster economic growth against these conglomerates, revenue will be explosive on an upward trajectory in the global economy. Their revenue and taxable income including overall taxes will affect interest rates at a sustainable level. Given the United States economic latitude to undertake more projects. The corporation’s multi-lateral variable revenue streams will equate to our strength of economic leadership putting them firmly in first place.

Congo Energy Index, they designed and wrote the program language for it. Approved by the U.S. Library of Congress. Their Energy Index floats under the established market rates, volatility downturns in economy, withs standing inflation, market risk pressures through 15 revenue streams being multiple-cross variations of international sectors in the economy and will support the U.S. economy.

 They have proof of concept verified by Mathematicians, Accountants, Economists, Labor-Relations Specialist, Law firms, and environmentalist with Ph.D.’s. Facts information and evidence that will hold up. Congo Capital Management, LLC Voted Most Pioneering clean energy investment company 2021 By New World Report.

Congo Capital Management, LLC and Congo Industries INC (Holding corporations) deals with political parties from both sides Republicans and Democrats and the one thing they agree on is the corporations’ social[1]economic policies. Fully covered medical, dental and eyeglasses for employees and families, no out of pocket expenses.

Congo Capital Management, LLC. fully support the Lily-Ledbetter Policy. Equality for women, equal pay, and equal opportunity for advancement.

 Congo Capital Management, LLC and Congo Industries, INC support special needs and special needs education in the United States. Mr. Congo’s daughter has special needs, so it is a way of life for his family and the corporation believes in helping families with special needs members.

Congo Capital Management, LLC and Congo Industries, INC supports The Wounded Warrior Project and want to provide some jobs and contribute to these brave men and women for their service to our country.

A quote by John D Rockefeller is believed in and often referred to by the corporation “Conglomerates and corporations that want to compete against us we will send them a copy of our books, lay them open and tell them to back off, or we will lower our prices bleed them out, or buy their company for pennies on the dollar” Mr. Congo has many interests and accomplishments and intends to continue expanding them throughout his lifetime including,

-Continuing to build the corporation/ conglomerates over the next 20 years -Moving headquarters to Virginia and New Jersey/Pennsylvania border

-Attend Black-tie affairs in greater Washington D.C.

 -Goal attending an event in Yellowstone buying land-retreat in Yellowstone club.

Personal/family Interests:

Continue to surround his special needs daughter with the love and supports she needs to reach her full potential

  • Spend time traveling with his family
  • Flying airplanes,
  • Fly fishing in the wilderness
  • Walking the cities at night in Europe
  • Bike riding in Pennsylvania Dutch Country and Sugar Creek Ohio, Amish Country

Congo Capital: New Jersey Based, United States Developed & Internationally Known.

Company Name:
Congo Capital Management
Mr. Dale A. Congo: Founder, & CEO & President
Congo Capital Management, LLC & Congo Industries, INC

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