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Got A Package From Amazon That You Didn’t Order? It Can Indicate That Your Account Has Been At Risk.

amazon account hacked

Although it is simple to return things to Amazon, there are occasionally exceptions.

The retail behemoth won’t take back these four items.

On the other hand, there are probably some items in your home that Amazon, Target, and Walmart would be interested in.

For credit, trade in your outdated technology.

Have you ever received a delivery meant for someone else? What about a blank box? Delivery mistakes do occur, but they could also be an indication of something more sinister.

Do not disregard it.

According to the BBC, customers of a company called “Suzhichou” are receiving scarves they didn’t request. It is referred described as a “brushing” scam and can entail anything from empty packages to electronic devices to apparel.

The package is marked as delivered and a tracking number is generated for the order. Then, to raise their ratings, the scammer leaves a five-star review. Additionally, by delivering items to random addresses, phoney internet businesses gain legitimacy and attract additional customers.

Use Amazon’s Report Unwanted Package form to report the package if you receive something you didn’t order. Even if you report it, you get to retain the thing.

Verify your Amazon purchases.

  • Go to Your Orders on your Account page. Keep an eye out for anything unusual or strange. Ask the others who have access if you share an account.
  • Go to your Account page right now and click on Archived orders. There, do you see anything you didn’t purchase? That raises a big red flag.

Do you still recall submitting that review?

Someone who gains access to your account could publish gushing compliments about you:

  1. Go to Your Amazon profile under Ordering and shopping preferences on your Account page.
  2. You can see your reviews if you scroll down. Search for anything that you did not write.

Configure two-factor authentication on Amazon.

Your Amazon account login is made more secure by using two-factor authentication. When you access your account, you receive a security code through text or an authenticator app. To log in, you’ll need both your code and password.

  • Select Login & security from the Account page after opening it.
  • Next to 2-step verification, click Turn on.
  • To finish the setup, adhere to the directions displayed on screen.

    It may indicate that someone else is trying to access your account if you receive the code when you aren’t attempting to log in.


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