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Qixas Group Leading North American Microsoft Gold Partner

Gold ERP microsoft partner

Leading North American Microsoft Gold Partner

compete in their industry and increase productivity, every firm uses technology. Networks and IT are more important than ever to business. Microsoft created Dynamics NAV, an ERP application, in order to assist the businesses. The programme, which is a member of the Microsoft Dynamics family, was created to help small and medium-sized businesses as well as local affiliates of major international consortia with finance, manufacturing, customer contact management, supply chains, analytics, and electronic commerce. The Qixas Group is one of Microsoft’s top technology partners in North America, specialised on Dynamics 365 Business Central/Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 for sales, marketing, operations, financials, and field service.

With an emphasis on Microsoft Dynamics products, Qixas Group has been a recognised Microsoft Partner in North America since 1998. For every project or scenario, their team utilises real-world experience in a best practises approach. The business holds that everything follows a technique. If there is a problem, they can probably offer a solution.

Qixas Group provides businesses with technology that makes routine chores easier in order to help them increase profitability. It is a one-stop company with a focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV and Customer Engagement deployments, upgrades, project rescues, support, and training. When you purchase Microsoft Dynamics, you also own the Microsoft platform and all of its incorporated parts. Each platform technology benefits your company differently,

Upgrade to Business Central from Dynamics NAV

The most crucial aspect to examine before upgrading to Dynamics Business Central is if Microsoft still supports your current system. A solution has access to fresh functions and essential security updates when it is supported. Your ERP solution becomes subject to threats, downtime, and potential failure if you don’t acquire the crucial security upgrade. New features cannot be used by unsupported solutions. Customers will therefore be responsible for covering the cost of any adaptation work needed in the event that the programme is changed. If you don’t upgrade to Business Central, you won’t be able to benefit from feature upgrades that could boost your revenue.

An upgrade entails taking your current setup and advancing it. This updates Dynamics 365 Business Central to the most recent version with all customizations and data, or only some of them. This strategy works best for small and medium-sized solutions that want to maintain customizations and have few restrictions when switching to SaaS. Re-implementation means beginning from scratch. This new implementation uses your historical data. To make sure you get a more functional system, your system is redesigned with new technologies in mind, and unused customizations and business processes are examined.

By automating and streamlining repetitive tasks, they assist you in speeding up deployment, enhancing the quality of your implementation, and increasing productivity. The following are some of the main advantages:

  • Import company information from other accounting programmes
  • Use Outlook’s Business Central as your corporate inbox.
  • Activate your company’s data in Power BI.
  • Use Business Central in a workflow that is automated.
  • Change to Business Central from a QuickBooks application
  • Take Business Central with you wherever you go.
  • Set up Microsoft Bookings’ bulk invoicing.
  • Establish base calendars

Tuning Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s Performance

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a strong yet affordable solution for expanding businesses. An ongoing optimised performance environment for your users is essential given the ever increasing popularity of a Microsoft SQL Server backend. The SQL Server Platform’s Dynamics NAV optimization has never been simpler thanks to SQL Performance tools. A fully tested and supported set of tools are available from Qixas to guarantee continued database speed enhancement.

IT specialists can preserve intricate Dynamics NAV production data in an archival database while transferring and/or compressing the data at source thanks to the extensive Data Archiving and Compression features. The IT team can decide what data will be archived and compressed, as well as how frequently.

Discover the CEO

President and CEO of Qixas Group is Floyd Chan. He has spent more than 20 years as a well-known member of the Dynamics community. Floyd is regarded and appreciated for his insights and attention to detail by his colleagues in the Microsoft Dynamics Channel, who refer to him as “the NAV genius.” He has become the go-to expert for resolving issues that could occur during a NAV implementation due to his extensive and in-depth understanding of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision). Prior to beginning an upgrade project, Floyd takes the time to carefully construct a Dynamics NAV upgrade with the help of the Qixas Dynamics NAV team.

“When working with the Qixas team, you get access to a group of technological experts that includes client strategists, business consultants, project managers, business analysts, and developers”.

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