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A desire to achieve something meaningful and long-term motivates many entrepreneurs to embark on the path of founding and building a business. The story is similar for Shivrat Chhabra, the creator of Dosis. However, he understood that ambition alone would not be enough to make him a successful entrepreneur, especially in a field like healthcare. As a result, Shivrat focused his efforts on developing a compelling purpose for his organisation that enthralled him and motivated others to join him in carrying it out. That objective – making an effect – became the driving cause behind his foray into entrepreneurship.

Shivrat, who was born into an enterprising family, appeared unable to resist following in his parents’ footsteps. “I started my career immediately out of college at a medical device research firm, and even though I liked the job and the setting, I very quickly noticed that something felt unfinished,” he says when asked what prompted him to pursue entrepreneurship. Despite the fact that it felt like a major step, I decided to create my own business soon after.”

Dosing Platform of the Future

Dosis is a tailored dosing tool powered by AI that is used to manage chronic drug regimens. It allows clinicians to personalise medication regimens to the specific needs of each patient, improving quality results while lowering drug exposure and healthcare costs. Strategic Anemia Advisor (SAA), the company’s initial tool, personalises the dosing of medications used to treat chronic anaemia, which is a prevalent side effect of kidney illness. SAA is now widely utilised in kidney care clinics across the country, with over 2 million referrals generated to far.

That’s not all, though. The company will soon release a module that personalises intravenous iron dose as an adjunct to SAA, building on the success of its first product. After that, there’s a technology that helps with the simultaneous dosage of three different types of medication for mineral and bone diseases. “This application will be the first of its type,” Shivrat says, “modelling three interdependent biological variables and three drugs at the same time to impact these values and return them to normal levels.”

Dosis is a widely utilised platform that has been clinically and commercially validated. Clinics that use SAA, for example, observe a 25 percent drop in anaemia treatment medicines used and a 75 percent reduction in time spent controlling anaemia. As a result, patient exposure to medications linked to an elevated risk of serious adverse events is reduced, as is the cost of care.

Dosis is a countrywide platform that has been clinically and commercially verified. Clinics that use SAA, for example, observe a 25% reduction in anaemia management medicines used and a 75% reduction in anaemia management time. As a result, patients are less likely to be exposed to drugs linked to a higher risk of serious side effects, and the cost of care is lower.

Taking the Lead from the Front

Dosis is growing rapidly and quickly under Shivrat’s guidance. Shivrat has been able to bring out the best in his team by setting the correct culture and making a positive influence on employees. Dosis’ culture and mission have an impact on not only its workers, but also vendors, contractors, and service providers who deal with them.

The most crucial attribute a new entrepreneur should have, according to Shivrat, is resilience. “There will be bumps in the road,” Shivrat says, “but it’s crucial to remain believing in yourself, your team, and your goal.” “I believe Dosis has huge potential to bring more impact as it continues to expand,” he says when asked about his company’s and career goals. “My ambition for Dosis as a platform is for it to become the standard of care for the management of chronic disease in the years to come.”

With a fantastic goal, a love for innovation, and humanitarian ideals, Shivrat Chhabra and the Dosis team have a bright future ahead of them.

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