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The Prenner Group

marketing and brand building

 A mix of public relations, marketing and brand building, help position established brands and convert new and younger brands into a thriving businesses.


What is the vision and mission of The Prenner Group(TPG)? The Prenner Group(TPG) is a one[1]stop-shopping destination for all communications for companies, products, and entertainment outlets of all shapes and sizes. TPG is a full-service, strategy[1]driven public relations, marketing and communications practice, representing a roster or experts, lifestyle, and consumer brands. A mix of public relations, marketing and brand building, help position established brands and convert new and younger brands into a thriving businesses.

We generate media attention as a result of long lasting relationships with key members of the press community. With experience and expertise along with media connections that span multiple platforms ranging from consumer to trade online, local, national, and international markets, we showcase our clients to the world.

Being the founder, how did you conceive TPG? How did you end up being a publicist?

 Amy Prenner, founded TPG in 2007, in Los Angeles, CA, out of a need for me to use my skills as a communications executive, that I learned as a television and film publicist to create a boutique PR firm. I was very hesitant at first but, my friends and mentors convinced me to do it. I launched it with my very first client–NBC’s THE SINGING BEE, hosted by Nsync’s Joey Fatone. It was a blast and it opened up so many doors and referrals.

I stumbled upon publicity only after trying my hands on so many other things, such as an on-camera news reporter and a talent agent. Later, I ended up working for Lynda Obst, a producer who was on the rise. She was coming off the heels of SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, was about to release her next film ONE FINE DAY, and also had the HELLO HE LIED book coming out about the entertainment business. I was immediately intrigued by the ABC News camera crew who came to the office for a sit down interview and then the Glamour interview that took place immediately after.

When I was able to attend the premiere and see the lights and action of the red carpet, I was immediately hooked and knew there was no turning back. I went to a PR firm, where, I learned about talent publicity working with rising stars Ben Affleck, Calista Flockhart, Jared Leto, Adrian Brody, Debi Mazar, and so many more. It helped me to learn the basics of PR and judge which side of the entertainment business I could excel at.

I ended up working in TV publicity, relaunching EXTRA in 1999; and over to Paramount to work with the producers of Entertainment Tonight to launch a movie-review show called HOT TICKET; and then a spin-off of the popular show BLIND DATE, RENDEZ VOU.

Later, I went on to work at WHEEL OF FORTUNE, where, I spent five years promoting the heck out of America’s Favorite Game Show. Once I started visiting locations to film the show, more than a few times, I knew I was ready to spread my wings and set up shop.

How has TPG grown from its inception to its current achievements? Please include the additional factors that Amy Prenner, Founder BIR 20 helped TPG reach its greatest achievements. TPG has grown from a one-man band to employees all over the country, such as Baltimore, Denver, New York, Nashville, and New Orleans. Last year was one of the biggest years on record for TPG as we released over 10 feature films, launched several books, podcasts and made unknown fast channels become major players in the industry.

We’re very proud of our accomplishments– the dedication and hard work help us keep our relationships fluid. Our secret sauce actually happened during the pandemic. We were able to pivot in ways that most companies couldn’t. We started working with a variety of experts in a multitude of fields and opened up a lifestyle division of experts. What has happened in less than three years has been truly magical.

We have helped establish a variety of experts in different areas including body language, resilience and parenting experts, grief experts, financial experts, DEA executive career coaches, and relationship experts. We figured out a way to make the effects of Covid-19 safe proof, as a result of which people are reaching out across all sectors.

 What is the ultimate goal of TPG?

What has made you to keep this goal? TPG orchestrates our clients to achieve brand recognition by building relationships with key partnerships within Hollywood and beyond. Every day, we work alongside key partners in conjunction with several key events to ensure that our clients get noticed and that their awareness is consistent.

Few of these events include the Sundance Film Festival, CinemaCon, Tribeca International Film Festival, TIFF, Cannes International Film Festival, the Golden Globe Awards, , the Grammy Awards, and many more. TPG strives to make sure our clients are being serviced in a consistent manner.

Could you shed light on a few services that TPG has taken care of in the media industry, such as film fare awards, Cannes, series, etc?

TPG has been in front and center when it comes to producing and running red carpet events for our clients. We always make sure that our talent and our guest’s talent are recognized, their images are captured, by leading photo agencies and media outlets that are important for their image and to build awareness. Whether it’s the Oscars, the Emmys, the Grammys, or the Golden Globes, we work strategically with our clients to determine what key events are necessary to build our clients’ profile and expand their visibility.

As a CEO of TPG, what all tasks do you do to help your clients maximize their product integration? We always recommend amplifying our clients profiles by having a steady social media presence, a visual footprint across the media and social media landscapes to help with consistency and interest. Based on each client, we help to boost visibility, encourage editors, producers, and potential partners that our rising stars are worth discovering. TPG makes every effort to give clients, confidence to expand their brands strategically and successfully.

 How does TPG help clients achieve brand recognition? How strongly do you believe that social media plays a major role in this?

We help our clients with their products and services with entertainment properties and talent to reach targeted consumers via our agency services. As your publicist, our goal is to have you, the client, proactive in the process, instead of reactively marketing your brand. Our ultimate goal at TPG is to deliver a comprehensive ROI.

Could you please list a couple of branding and PR services that you offer on behalf of clients?

 We offer the following branding services on behalf of clients:

  • Brand Development and Building
  • Special Events
  • Celebrity Events
  • Red Carpet
  • Charity Events
  • Talent Relations
  • Digital Communications

How has your journey been so far as a publicist, and is there any scope for additional or newer services in the future?

If yes, what would they be? As mentioned above, last year was a banner year for our company. We grew over 300% in client billings and brought on several staff as a result of our growth. We only hope this year continues and that we become a resource for companies needing to outsource their PR. We hope to continue to serve our clients as an extension of their company and producing results that would benefit everyone.

Company name:
The Prenner Group
Owner Name: Amy Prenner, Founder

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