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XYZ Robotics

Best trustworthy companies to watch

XYZ Robotics

XYZ Robotics is dedicated to expediting the arrival of autonomous robotic perception and manipulation. The company’s primary objective is to enhance logistics and manufacturing productivity through its cutting-edge machine vision and robotic intelligence software platform. This platform is utilized in various applications such as robotic depalletizing, mixed case palletizing, piece picking, bin picking, and vision-guided assembly. Established in 2018, the company is headquartered in Shanghai and caters to a diverse range of global industries including automotive, pharmaceuticals, electronics, e-commerce, retail, 3PL, and more.


To expedite the arrival of self-governing robotic cognition and handling. 2. To hasten the emergence of independent robotic sensing and manipulation. 3. To quicken the pace of the development of automated robotic perception and control.


Revolutionize manufacturing processes through cutting-edge robotics and advanced sensing technologies.


Pursue truth and practicality, Embrace novelty and variety, Deliver success to clients, Aspire for excellence.

Mobile Order Picking of Mixed Case Pallets

Mobile order picking of mixed case pallets is a cutting-edge solution for automating warehouse operations. It presents a viable alternative to manual labor and forklift-based order picking. With its efficient order fulfillment capabilities, this solution is particularly well-suited for the retail industry. The RockyOne robot navigates through aisles, retrieving a specific number of carton boxes from storage pallets. It then skillfully arranges these mixed cartons onto order pallets. This versatile solution can accommodate carton boxes stored on the ground or in racks. In comparison to a combination of pallet handling AMR and fixed-base picking robot, the mobile solution proves to be cost-effective by minimizing the travel distance of AMRs. Furthermore, the mobile robot offers high scalability, allowing for seamless adjustments based on the warehouse’s throughput.

Robotic Trailer (Un)loading Solution

Trailer (un)loading is a task that involves heavy lifting and carries significant risks and costs when done manually. XYZ Robotics offers a Trailer (Un)loading Solution that can be adapted to various types of docks in warehouses. This robotic solution allows for safe and efficient material handling through remote control. The system consists of two robots: RockyDual for truck (un)loading and RockyOne for (de)palletizing. These robots work together using either a flexible roller conveyor or a telescopic belt conveyor. By utilizing advanced robotic technology and intelligent perception algorithms, the robots ensure efficient and precise material handling. The system is designed to support continuous and stable operation with plug-in power, making it ideal for high-throughput warehouses that operate multiple shifts. To prevent any obstructions, the power cable is connected along the conveyor.

Carton box depalletizing

Carton boxes of various specifications are widely used in warehousing. Special requests often include palletizing with labeled sides facing out, localizing labels, and depalletizing cases that are placed separately.

Company name:-XYZ Robotics
Ceo name:-Jiaji Zhou

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